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Hello, I'm Kevin, and I am running for PSD School Board because I believe that every student deserves the  opportunity of an excellent education, regardless of socio-economic status or zip code. As a former  teacher in both traditional public schools and charter schools, I know firsthand the challenges that  students and teachers confront daily to achieve the goal of student success. As an attorney who has  worked in education policy throughout my career, I understand how big problems require multi faceted solutions and collaboration among and between all stake holders. And as a parent of a child  attending PSD public schools, I now have skin in the game. In short, I am running because I want  to repay PSD for offering my own children the promise of an excellent public education and to  work tirelessly to ensure that all students are afforded the same opportunities. I am running because  I believe an excellent public education is the birthright of all our students.  


My wife, Allison, and I moved to Fort Collins in large part because of the excellent  reputation of the Poudre School District, including its District Priorities (Literacy, Mental Health  and Belonging, and Graduate with Options - learn more HERE). Our oldest son is attending Kindergarten in a PSD school. Given my background and long career in advancing educational equity for all  students, I believe I am uniquely suited for the role of PSD School Board Director, which I view  as a stewardship to protect all the incredible things PSD stands for, and to continue the hard work  of making it better every single day for all our students, families, teachers, and staff.  

Kevin and family
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