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Tricia Canonico

City of Fort Collins Council Member

"Kevin is a dedicated and thoughtful community organizer. From his time teaching, he understands the importance of amplifying student voices in decisions that affect their schools and their District. I'm pleased to endorse a former educator for this important Board position as he brings incredible experience to the role. It is this kind of experience that our students, teachers, families, school leaders, and community partners will all benefit from."

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Poudre Education Association (PEA)

Kevin is honored to have received the endorsement of the PEA.

Kristen Draper

Vice President, PSD Board of Education 

"I am thrilled to endorse Kevin Havelda for the Poudre School Board of Education.  As a former Teach for America educator, and a parent of 2 young PSD and future PSD students, Kevin brings with him a sense of integrity and thoughtfulness to the complex issues the school board faces. Please join me in voting for Kevin!"

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Cathy Kipp

Colorado Representative House District 52

Andrew Boesenecker

Colorado Representative House District 53

I am pleased to endorse Kevin Havelda for PSD School Board Director, District B. Kevin has strong education bona fides - having taught in both New Orleans and Brooklyn in challenging environments. He cares deeply about all students' success. And as someone who has a child in PSD Schools, I'm confident he'll work tirelessly for all our students' best interests in this role. We're fortunate to have an experienced leader step up to run for this important position, and I'm confident Kevin will serve all of PSD to his fullest.  || 303-866-2917

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PSD School Board of Directors

Kevin is honored to have received the endorsement of the entire current PSD School Board of Directors, including: 

Rob Petterson, President 

Kristen Draper, Vice President

DJ Anderson, Director

Nate Donovan, Director
Jim Brokish, Director

Carolyn Reed, Director
Jessica Zomora, Director


Jody Shadduck-McNally

Larimer County Commissioner - District III Chair

Jeni Arndt

Mayor, Fort Collins, Colorado  || 970-231-5090

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Kristin Stephens

Larimer County Commissioner, District II


Julie Pignataro

Councilmember, District II  ||

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